JIG issued Bulletin No. 105 regarding Filter Monitors on 11 Dec 2017. Please note that users of Filter Monitors are required to take certain immediate actions, which includes :

  • Replacement of Filter Monitors operating at a Differential Pressure (DP) of greater than 15 psi (1.0 bar), at max achievable flow
  • Limit of the operational DP for all filter monitors to max 15 psi (1.0 bar), at maximum achievable flow. This includes resetting DP switch levels to trigger at  15psi.
  • Introduction of a new protocol for inspection and cleaning hose-end strainers, as part of commissioning of new filter monitors on fuelling equipment and the routine strainer check procedure.

Note that existing Parker Velcon 2″ CDF ‘P series’ 6th edition elements also qualifies to EI 1583 7th edition, so no change is required. Facet’s 6th edition 2″ monitors do not qualify to the 7th edition.

Download the bulletin here:



JIG Bulletin 105 on Filter Monitors