There has been alot of concern with regards to the release of EI 1583 7th edition and EI withdrawal of the monitor specification at the end of 2020. This would imply that Monitors will be phased out within the next few years due to increasing concerns regarding SAP migration.
Velcon’s 2″ CDF monitors currently complies with the 7th edition. However, JIG will likely recommend the changeout of monitors from 22psid to 15psid. It appears that EI will phase out monitors by the end of 2020 as well.
The people that are currently affected most by this are those that are currently using 2″ monitors. The option to upgrade to a FWS vessel would be impractical since the vessel would be significantly larger. However, Velcon is currently working on a new type of element which would replace monitors and it is likely that no modification of the monitor vessel would be required.
This new technology is still under development and will fall under a new EI 1588 specification which is currently being drafted. Once the new specification is released, Velcon will need to qualify the new elements and conduct field trials. Currently, there is no fixed timeline on the availability of this new type of element, but it should be available in the market before Monitors are phased out.
For more information, please download the presentation below:
Phasing out of Monitor Elements and replacement technology.