Parker Velcon CDFX Water Barrier Filters requalified to the 2nd Edition of EI-1588

Parker Velcon is pleased to announce that the CDFX Water Barrier Filters have been requalified to the 2nd Edition of EI-1588. Parker is now working closely with JIG to move forward on the CDFX Water Barrier Filter acceptance into their operating standards.

In anticipation of JIG acceptance, Parker has built thousands of CDFX-230B elements for stock and will ramp up production as soon as they get the JIG approval. The outer sleeve of the CDFX has also been changed to black to help differentiate it from 2” monitor cartridges and dirt defense filters.

Please see the below Parker Velcon Clarifier …

Parker Velcon CDFX Update – JIG TN #11

Following JIG Technical Newsletter 11, Parker Velcon has released a Clarifier to address this matter. Please download the attached documents below.
In summary:
  1. JIG delays the acceptance of the current CDFX due to inconsistencies in the adhesion of the end cap on a limited number of trial elements.
  2. Regardless, none of the end caps were ever dislodged, and downstream fuel quality for all trial elements continues to be on-specification.
  3. Parker Velcon has developed a new manufacturing process to make the end caps more robust and have requested EI to partially requialify to EI 1588 by the end of June 2022.

Restoring Water Contaminated Diesel with Aquafighter Revolution

Aquafighter® Revolution is making it possible for fuel stations to eliminate fuel losses and to maintain fuel tanks more effectively and more efficiently. The Aquafighter® Revolution process utilizes the Aquafighter® Fuel Technology to restore waste fuel and high water-content diesel back into better-than-spec fuel as well as to prevent fuel tanks from accumulating water and developing sludge.

Aquafighter Revolution is primarily about restoring off-spec fuel and waste diesel back into retail-quality fuel. Normally fuel companies write-off a significant amount of fuel every year that is deemed unrecoverable. With the Revolution system we can normally restore 80 to 90% of this …

Parker Velcon Clarifier – CDFX Update

CDF-X Update: Our Water Barrier Filter, CDF-X is now adopted in the A4A Operating Standard ATA-103 A4A Bulletin 2022.1: Bulletin 2022.1and CSA B836:22! In mid-January, A4A issued Bulletin 2022. 1 Water Barrier Filtration, January 2022 – the last step needed for full acceptance at airports that adhere to ATA-103. The next stage is acceptance by JIG and IATA.

See the full clarifier and details at


A4A approves the use of Parker Velcon CDFX Water Barrier Filter

Following the IATA Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Special Interest Group report, the aviation fuel industry has collaborated to evaluate alternative technologies that can be fitted into existing fueling equipment. After rigorous evaluation, ATA103 is being modified to incorporate the second of these replacement technologies: the water barrier filter. Airlines for America (A4A) will continue working together with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Joint Inspection Group (JIG) to assess other replacement technologies for potential inclusion in ATA103.

For full announcement, please download the bulletin here:

A4A Bulletin 2022.1 January 2022

Carter Recommission Recommendations

As Intoplane fueling operations begin reviewing re-commissioning processes for mobile and fixed aviation fueling equipment, it is important to ensure all critical fueling components are inspected and tested before being reintroduced back into fueling operations. These simple yet effective tips for inspecting your Eaton Carter Ground Fueling components can be used to ensure safe operating conditions before being used planeside. Contact us if you require rebuild kits.

Download the guide below:

Carter Recommission Recommendations

Transition Plan for Monitor Filter Replacement & WIF Sensor

With the recent clarification in JIG Technical Newsletter 9 (24 Feb 2021), it is clear that operators are now able to include new filter technologies yet to be included in the JIG standards, such as the Parker Velcon CDFX water barrier filter, as part of their Transition Plan which JIG members are encouraged to develop by the end of March 2021. Monitors can still be used up to 31 July 2023 so this will allow operators to fully evaluate the effectiveness of the CDFX for themselves. An excerpt from JIG TN9 is shown below: 

The Parker Velcon CDFX water barrier …

JIG Technical Newsletter 9 – Filtration Field Trials Update

This update includes the latest information from the Joint Industry Filtration Field Trials as well as the status of new technologies intended to support the replacement of FM in aviation fuelling operations.

This includes an update on the Parker Velcon CDFX water barrier filter field trials and notably it also mentions that “To date the technology has operated reliably to remove water and particulate with no downstream sensor alarms or warnings”.

You can download the newsletter here: