Restoring Water Contaminated Diesel with Aquafighter Revolution

Aquafighter® Revolution is making it possible for fuel stations to eliminate fuel losses and to maintain fuel tanks more effectively and more efficiently. The Aquafighter® Revolution process utilizes the Aquafighter® Fuel Technology to restore waste fuel and high water-content diesel back into better-than-spec fuel as well as to prevent fuel tanks from accumulating water and developing sludge.

Aquafighter Revolution is primarily about restoring off-spec fuel and waste diesel back into retail-quality fuel. Normally fuel companies write-off a significant amount of fuel every year that is deemed unrecoverable. With the Revolution system we can normally restore 80 to 90% of this …

Emcee DEF Contamination in FSII Test Kits

Due to recent reports of several incidents where Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) was mistaken for Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII) and pre-mixed with Jet Fuel, it resulted in potentially catastrophic events. See the report here : Aircraft DEF Contamination Working Group Report-FINAL

If your operation works with FSII, Emcee has developed a quick test kit that can determine if FSII is free of DEF prior to the addition of FSII to aviation fuel. See the Test Procedure here : DEF in FSII Test rev 1

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Introducing FAFNIR Tank Gauging

Haneflex is pleased to announce that we are now the distributors of FAFNIR for Commercial Fuel Dispensing and Process Automation. FAFNIR is also now part of the Gilbarco Veeder-Root family, so their systems are complementary to the GVR eco-system

FAFNIR are specialists in the development and manufacturing of sensors and systems for monitoring and measuring fill levels. They provide the latest technology in fuel management systems and solutions which allow our customers from the oil, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to fully put their trust in our products.

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Eaton Carter Digital Pressure Control System

Eaton’s Carter® product line of ground refueling equipment includes the 4th Edition of our Digital Pressure Control System, which employs a proprietary method of controlling and monitoring fuel pressure into the aircraft. The combination of Hydro-mechanical valves and a microprocessor eliminates the need for air-reference pressure, servo controls or venturis to control pressure. Fuel cannot cross contaminate the air system such as occurs in air operated systems.

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Parker Velcon CDF-X™ – Stage II Robustness Test Update

Parker Velcon CDF-X™ elements are currently going through robustness testing at two major airports in the U.S. This is part of the testing program to determine if the elements will be safe for into-plane field evaluation.  Unlike previous new products that have followed EI filtration specifications, the CDF-X is the first to require robustness testing. In our lab, we are able to produce results that indicates extended life expectancy surpassing the current EI1583 specification.  Stage II of the robustness test requires a throughput of 650,000 gallons of fuel per element. This type of testing cannot be completed in a laboratory …