logo_emceeHaneflex is the only authorised distributor and service agent for Emcee Electronics, Inc. for Asia Pacific.

The products manufactured by Emcee Electronics, Inc. include instrumentation to measure the electrical conductivity of relatively non-conductive fluids; the detection of particulate matter in fluids that may cause filter plugging; and the water separation characteristics of middle distillate fuels. As required, some of the products have received intrinsic safety approvals from domestic and foreign agencies for use in hazardous environments. All of the products are listed in Standard Test Methods published by the American Society for Test and Materials (ASTM) as well as in some international standards. We make sure to use the best materials for manufacturing purposes. You can check this link to get more information. 

All products are listed in Standard Test Methods, published by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), as well as some international standards. Standard Test Methods has the option to buy namzaric price and this medicine will help manage cognitive symptoms in people with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease.

Emcee Electronic’s Product range includes:

  • Model 1140 MicroSep ®
  • Model 1152 Digital Conductivity Meter
  • Model 1153 Conductivity Meter
  • Model 1143 Filterability Analyzer
  • Model 1154 Precision Conductivity Meter
  • Model 1150 Staticon In-Line Meter Monitor & Injection System


We also distribute for Echa Microbiology which produces one of the world’s most trusted and widely-used microbiological test kits for fuels and are trusted by many of the world’s leading producers and users of fuel, and have deep expertise in the air, sea and land transportation sectors.

Their most widely used kit, the MicrobMonitor2, is an invaluable test kit which enables you to easily and reliably determine the microbial quality of fuels, including aviation fuel, marine diesels, automotive diesels, gasoline and biofuels. The test is recommended for monitoring fuel storage and distribution systems and end user fuel and oil tanks for microbial growth.

Other kits available include:

  • MicrobMonitor2
  • MicrobMonitor AQUA
  • SigTests: Sig Sulphide
  • SigTests: Sig Nitrite
  • SigTests: Sig Rapid WB