Please find attached service bulletin from Parker Velcon regarding Filter Monitors (6 Dec 2017) and updated catalog for the 2″ CDF Monitors. Here is a summary of actions that Parker Velcon will be taking :

  • Velcon P/N CDF-2XXP: Our current qualified 2-inch fuel filter monitor has been grandfathered into the El 7th edition based on the test results recorded during the 6th edition testing. We have updated our literature to reflect t his change.
  • Velcon P/N AC0 -6XX01P: We are currently working to upgrade our 6-inch out-to-in fuel filter monitor (ACO) to the 7th edition standards, and we believe this work will be completed in the first quarter of 2018 if not sooner. Once completed, we will issue a separate notification of this change, and update our literature likewise.
  • Velcon P/N ACI-6XX01P: We will not be upgrading our in-to-out flowing 6-inch fuel filter monitor to the 7th edition, and we will no longer take orders for t his product as of March 31, 2018. Since we are not aware of any other manufacturers who will offer this product as a 7th edition, we encourage the users of t his product to configure these vessels as a filter water separator. Please contact us for support as you reconfigure your vessels.
WATER & SOLIDS BARRIER TECHNOLOGY (EI1588) – This will be the most straightforward solution for the market as a drop-in fuel filter monitor replacement technology. Our new technology will not require any modifications to fuel filter monitor housings and will provide the user security against emulsified water, water slugs and solids, while containing zero SAP.

The Energy Institute will be releasing a new specification (EI1588) in the first quarter of next year and we are driving to have these new products qualified and into field trials soon after its release. We are confident that we will be able to support the aviation fueling industry’s urgent need to provide a truly drop-in technology that will easily back-fill all the SAP fuel filter monitor elements currently in use.

Over the next few months we will be providing you updates and insight into the industry. In addition, we’ll shed some light on how this new technology works, the true benefits of this technology versus the current SAP technology and other alternative technologies being suggested by the industry.
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Parker Velcon Service Bulletin on Filter Monitors