FDPM-MK-IIAutomatic Calculation of Corrected Differential Pressure for Varying Flow Rates

Calculates the corrected differential pressure across the cartridges in systems being operated at less than maximum rated flow on mobile or fixed filter vessels.


The FDPM® MK II builds on its field tested predecessor. Designed to comply with the requirements of industry standards such as ATA 103 and JIG Guidelines, the FDPM® MK II eliminates this normally complicated calculation by automatically calculating the condition of the filters inside a vessel based on the inputs from differential pressure and flow-rate sensors. FDPM® MK II can be used with either mobile or stationary equipment.

Designed with ATA 103 & JIG Guidelines data collection requirements in mind
Removes human judgment regarding condition of filters
Simplified for the refueling operator yet highly configurable by the fuel master
Interactive touch screen display enables easy operation even for gloved users
Condition based alarms can be set to halt the fueling operation
Intelligent detection of sudden increases or decreases in differential pressure
Security codes prevent resetting of key values by unauthorized personnel
Over 3 years of data logging automatically stored via a MicroSD card


Corrected DP
Actual DP
Flow Rate
Peak corrected and actual DP
DP rise or drop alarm

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Velcon Flow Differential Pressure Module FDPM® MK II