The AC portable additive system provides precise ratio injection of biocides, anti-icing, corrosion inhibitors and anti-static compounds. Designed specifically for high rate, large volume transfers, these systems handle typical airline fueling operations. Although a 55 gallon drum capacity is standard, the AC cart can be ordered with additive storage up to 110 gallons, sufficient to treat multiple large volume transfers.

Operation is automatic with nothing to turn on and off or adjust. A single point connection from the hydrant vehicle into the cart, and the cart single point fueling nozzle into the aircraft is all that is required. Single and dual hose arrangements are available.

This unit is available with Hammonds “Smart” data recording that includes a self-contained power source.

•Hammonds Model 800 fluid motor
•Hammonds 1S pump for ratios up to 400 ppm
•Number of additives: 1 standard, 2, 3, or 4 optional
•Product Inlet: Single point receptacle
•Product Outlet: Single point fueling nozzle
•Injection ratios: 0-4000 PPM depending upon application
•75-700 GPM (284-2,649 l) continuous operation standard
•Product temperature range: -40° – +250° F (-4.4° – +121.1° C)
•Maximum product line pressure: 100 PSI
•55 gallon (208 l) drum rack with hold down
•Drum quantity level gauge
•HV Sight Flow Indicator with suction strainer
•Large capacity desiccant dryer
•Product hose: 15′ x 2 1/2″ (4.5 m x 6.3 cm) aviation fueling hose
•Stainless steel flexible additive hose with quick disconnects
•Parking brake
•Static ground reel
•4.80 x 8″ (12 x 20 cm) F.O.D. tires
•Product viscosities: to 10,000 SSU
•Fuels, oils, additives, and liquid gases

•Hard anodized aluminum or carbon steel
•Metering pump: All wetted parts 300 series stainless steel
•Elastomers: Aflas, Viton and Teflon
•Mechanical Seal: Carbon on ceramic
•Overall dimensions: 47″ W x 55.5” L x 57″ H

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Hammonds AC Portable Additive System