There have been cases where it has been discovered that end-users were using non-original Eaton Carter parts when servicing their equipment. These could be 3rd party parts such as o-rings or bolts and in some cases, these parts were passed off as genuine Carter parts by unauthorized traders. There have been cases where more unique parts have been machined by unauthorized fabricators.

Please see attached letter from Eaton regarding this. I think the most important thing that end-users need to understand is that using non-genuine parts could potentially be dangerous as the Carter components are operating under high pressure.

Some possible failures resulting from non-genuine parts could be, at best, the equipment could leak (eg. o-ring is of a wrong type of material and not compatible with jet fuel) and in a worst case, it could be catastrophic (eg. weak bolts holding a hydrant valve or coupler together could break and come apart during fueling)

To ensure, that end-users get genuine Eaton Carter parts, they should always insist on purchasing their spare parts from authorised Eaton Carter distributors.

Eaton Carter Counterfeit Parts Notice

Use of 3rd Party & Counterfeit Eaton Carter Parts