The attached announcement from IATA, JIG & A4A provides an update on the current status of the ongoing field trials of ALL new alternative technologies for Filter Monitors.

In summary:
  • The COVID-19 outbreak has caused significant disruption to field trials and will not be able to be completed by previously set datelines.┬áThe originally proposed industry roadmap cannot, therefore, be met.
  • The Energy Institute (EI), has confirmed that the EI 1583 specification will be withdrawn at the end of 2020. However, due to the current unavailability of a suitable drop-in replacement for monitors, JIG & ATA103 standards will continue to allow the use of 7th edition Filter Monitors beyond 2020 until further notice.
  • Nevertheless, all into-plane operators, fuel suppliers, and airlines must conduct their own risk assessment for the continued use of filter monitors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification. Download the attachment below:

Joint Industrial Announcement on Monitors