JIG has announced in Bulletin No. 132 that Filter Monitors will be withdrawn from the JIG Standards with effect from 1st July 2023. This will allow sufficient time for drop-in replacements such as Parker Velcon’s CDFX Water Barrier Filter to complete its field trials which are expected to be completed before the end of 2021. The availability of the CDFX filter elements is expected to be made available shortly thereafter, well before the date 2023 dateline.

The CDFX Water Barrier Filter is a true drop-in Filter Monitor replacement that will remove both particulates and water, blocks water slugs and does not require a water sensor. It is also resistant to surfactants (unlike FWS) and can be used in fuel contaminated with FSII (unlike Monitors).

A4A has also made a similar announcement, although no dateline has been set for the phase-out. More importantly, it has also mentioned:

“The industry is working hard to develop drop-in replacements that will improve the removal of both dirt and water from jet fuel with zero SAP migration risk. However, as of today, no commercially viable, approved drop-in replacement to filter monitors exists.

Two filter technologies are available, but neither is a true drop-in replacement to filter monitors. The first, filter water separators (FWS), requires installation of a larger filter vessel which cannot always be fitted onto existing refueling equipment. The second, dirt defense filters with electronic water sensor system (DDF+EWS), removes dirt in fuel, but only alerts to the presence of free water and does not remove that water. Neither technology alone can meet the industry’s fuel filter needs.

Because an approved drop-in replacement does not exist, a phase-out date for filter monitors cannot be determined at this time. If a drop-in replacement to filter monitors is approved, a chosen end date must provide adequate time for the manufacture, distribution, training, and installation of such approved alternative.”

The respective Bulletins can be downloaded here:

JIG Bulletin-132-Monitor-Phase-Out

A4A_Bulletin_2020.4_Monitors JIG Bulletin-132-Monitor-Phase-Out

Filter Monitors Withdrawn From JIG only from 1 July 2023, A4A phase-out to be determined.