As part of our corporate responsibility to minimise the spread of COVID-19 as well as for the health and safety of our staff and customers, Haneflex will be adopting a work-from-home policy for staff that are able to. Apart from that, we are still business as usual, however, we seek your understanding that our responses may be a little delayed. Our contact details remain unchanged.


Likewise, we are also experiencing delivery delays as well for import shipments coming from overseas due to the dramatic cut in the number of flights available as well as the limited production capacities from factories that are currently affected by lockdown in their respective countries. We don’t expect this to change any time soon. While we are doing our best to stock up on essential items used by our customers, we likewise encourage our customers to review their inventory and do the same, at least to be self-sufficient to tide over the next 6 months or so. Do contact us if you need assistance to help you review your requirements.


In the meantime, we wish for everyone to stay healthy!


COVID-19 Preventive Measures