Following JIG Technical Newsletter 11, Parker Velcon has released a Clarifier to address this matter. Please download the attached documents below.
In summary:
  1. JIG delays the acceptance of the current CDFX due to inconsistencies in the adhesion of the end cap on a limited number of trial elements.
  2. Regardless, none of the end caps were ever dislodged, and downstream fuel quality for all trial elements continues to be on-specification.
  3. Parker Velcon has developed a new manufacturing process to make the end caps more robust and have requested EI to partially requialify to EI 1588 by the end of June 2022. The redesign includes changing the sleeve colour to black to make it more distinguishable from monitor elements.
  4. Once CDFX is requalified, Parker Velcon will work with JIPL to expedite and accept the updated element model, in order to commence full-scale production for world-wide use.
  5. Other than the limited number of end-cap issues, the CDFX filtration media has proven to be very effective over 2 years of global field trials. Service life has also been observed to range from 3 months to 12+ months, depending on location.
  6. Parker Velcon remains committed to the water barrier technology as the true ideal drop-in replacement for SAP monitors.
Parker Velcon CDFX Update – JIG TN #11