Please find attached below the latest Clarifier newsletter from Parker Velcon. I believe there has been a lot of interest in the development of Filter Monitor replacements, so this newsletter will answer some of your questions. Here are some highlights from the newsletter:
  1. Preliminary Field Trials of Parker Velcon’s CDFX water barrier filter have commenced.
  2. The CDFX is currently the only alternative technology capable of removing both dirt and water.
  3. Parker Velcon will continue to supply CDF monitors to its customers in line with industry guidelines.
  4. Parker Velcon has stopped developing its own DDF as its own tests have shown that the currently qualified sensor available did not accurately report the water concentration passing through the element. They believe that this was caused by random water droplet sizes and distribution produced naturally by the filtration mechanisms of Dirt Defense Filters and not totally captured electronically. In fact, they are likely to exacerbate the problem as they are known to coalesce water on the “clean side” of the filter, potentially sending water downstream of the filter vessel.
  5. Parker Velcon is making great progress in the development of the Parker Velcon Water-In-Fuel (WIF) electronic water sensor as a possible alternative for Chemical Water Detectors.
If you are considering using Dirt Defence Filter, please note that it may not be suitable in all airports due to operational considerations, as mentioned in the attached excerpt from the Joint Industry Evaluation Summary.
[CLARIFIER] CDFX Update – Field Trials and DDF Project Status