ACO-PAquacon® ACO-P

EI 1583 6th Edition Aviation Fuel Monitor
Remove Water and Dirt from Jet Fuel and Avgas Outside-to-In Flow Cartridges

Designed to comply with the JIG Bulletin No. 49


Free and emulsified water removal to less than 5 ppm
1/2 micrometer particle removal
Provides protection against “slugs” of water
Pressure increase signals need for cartridge change
Use with existing filter housings


Patented Aquacon® Filter Cartridges have a unique high-capacity inner absorbent medium which removes all free and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fuels down to less than 5 ppm in the effluent. Absorbed water is chemically locked into this medium.
When a cartridge reaches its water holding capacity, its accordion pleats swell and cause an increase in the differential pressure which signals the operator to change the cartridge.

Solid contaminants are removed by the cartridge’s particulate filter media layers. The pleated accordion style design provides a large surface area for maximum dirt holding capacity. Models are offered for particle filtration down to 1/2 micrometer size with 98% plus efficiency. Performance is not affected by the presence of common surface active agents.

Compact Aquacon Cartridges are quick and easy to install. Models are available to fit most existing standard housings. Refer to Cartridge Selection Table on reverse side.
Use Form 1846 for cartridge changeout recommendations at flowrates less than rated flow.

Max. operating temp.: 160°F (71.1°C)
Micron ratings are nominal at 98%+ efficiency
Aquacon Cartridges can significantly reduce flow when loaded with water or dirt. Appropriate precautions should be taken in applications where fuel flow must be maintained or where surge conditions can occur.
Replace the cartridge if the differential pressure exceeds 25 psid. For service life information, please refer to Operating Procedure #1839 or consult your company fuel handling procedures.
Typical water holding capacity for ACO-61401P is 700-800 ml.
NOTE: 1/2 micron rated Aquacon® Cartridges are recommended for use with jet fuel and avgas. Effluent fuel quality meets requirements for EI 1583 6th Edition.



Aquacon® ACO-P EI 1583 6th Edition Aviation Fuel Monitor