JIG Bulletin 105 was published in December 2017 and it contained a range of actions which users of SAP-based Filter Monitor Systems are required to implement until filter monitors are completely phased out. Data from JIG inspections since 2017 has shown some gaps in the implementation of Bulletin 105. These findings primarily concern the effective implementation of the updated protocol for inspection and cleaning of hose-end strainers and implementation of DP limiting systems set at 15psi. In order to reiterate the importance of conforming to Bulletin 105, JIG announced the following initiatives to support operators in ensuring that Bulletin 105 is strictly adhered to:

1. Produced a video on commissioning new FM elements & routine Hose-End Strainer (HES) inspection/cleaning procedures

2. Developed a self-assessment tool against Bulletin 105 that also includes a HES inspection and cleaning Task Card

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JIG Bulletin 105 Compliance Newsflash