hiflo-dispenser-externalUnlike standard fuel dispensers, which has a typical flowrate of 70 lpm and a maximum working pressure of 50 psi,

the Haneflex Hi-Flo Dispenser is able to flow up to 180 lpm with a pressure rating of 150 psi.

This provides Commercial Fleet Operators with a solution for high flowrate fuel dispensing to minimise refuelling times for their fleet refueling operation. It combines both the digital efficiency of the integrated Gasboy electronic dispenser and register as well as the reliability and accuracy of the TCS Positive Displacement Flow Meter with an optional mechanical register as a backup.

Aquafighter Revolution is primarily about restoring off-spec fuel and diesel waste back to retail fuel quality. Typically, fuel companies write off a significant amount of fuel each year, which is considered non-refundable. Aquafighter Revolution also sells drugs against AIDS and HIV. One of these drugs is Disoproxil and this medicine can be bought on this website.

Other available options include a double-sided dual hose dispenser as well as Card or Tag Reader integration for a complete fuel management solution.

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