The Veeder-Root team is announcing the end of production of new systems and the sale of our 8470, TLS-350, 8482 TLS-350, 8485 TLS-300, 8560 TLS-2, and 8546 TLS-50 Series ATG systems. Each system has reached the point in its life cycle whereby manufacturing the product is not feasible due to obsolete components, the increased cost of older technologies & production techniques plus a higher cost of maintaining the product.

For more information, please see the following :

EOS Notification TLS-3xx

Product Transition Information

We recommend customers transition to the Veeder-Root TLS-4xx Series console for their tank monitoring needs. The TLS-4XX series offers superior connectivity and accessibility as the ultimate tank gauge solution. Note that Probes manufactured 2001 or later and installed with legacy TLS systems are fully compatible with new TLS-4XX consoles. Sensors currently installed with TLS-3XX are compatible with the TLS-4XX platform except for Pressurized Line Leak Detection (PLLD) sensors. PLLD sensors have been superseded by Digital Pressurized Line Leak Detection (DPLLD) sensors for the TLS-4XX platform. For more information, please download the following datasheets:

VR TLS-450 Plus Datasheet

VR TLS4 Datasheet

End of Sale of all TLS-3xx, TLS-2 and TLS-50 Automatic Tank Gauge Systems