Having fully reviewed the data presented as a result of extensive internal and external robustness testing, members of the Energy Institute Aviation Fuel Filtration Committee (EI AFFC) on Wednesday (February 12th) approved the Parker Velcon CDFX™ for field trials.  The Parker AFD team is pleased to receive the committee’s vote of confidence in allowing our CDFX™ Water Barrier Technology to progress to field trials at into-plane fueling locations.

Our team is working closely with JIG and A4A to support the field test protocol and trials of CDFX at airports globally. We will supply CDFX elements and support for locations specified by A4A and JIG. Furthermore plans are in place to establish full production capacity to meet the demand for a drop-in solution when the field trials are complete.

Parker-Velcon-CDFX™-Approved-for-Field-Trials Bulletin

CDFX Approved for Field Trials